The Smokestack Bridge

Transforming Old Into New


ConnectCR includes a pedestrian/trail bridge to connect trails on both sides of the Cedar River. It will transform a washed out railroad bridge destroyed in the historic 2008 flood into an iconic recreational destination experience.  

192-Foot-Tall Smokestack


Located in the river between Czech Village and the NewBo area, the bridge’s 192-foot high support is a replica of the historic Sinclair smokestack that was a landmark in Cedar Rapids for decades.

Honoring The Past


The replica smokestack embraces the city’s manufacturing past and present. Educational kiosks at the base of the industrial symbol will feature information about the area’s Czech heritage and industrial foundation.

Room To Enjoy The View


The bridge's design features a 14-foot-wide split deck to accommodate bikers, walkers, and visitors wanting to stop and enjoy the view of our beautiful city and the Cedar River.

Enhanced Bridge Entrances


Plans are already underway to develop family-friendly areas at the bridge entrances, including a tribute to Stumptown--

an early settlement in Cedar Rapids.

An Iconic Attraction

Smokestack Bridge lighted

The Smokestack Bridge will attract visitors from across the country. ConnectCR completes the Cedar Valley Nature Trail and connects it to the American Discovery Trail and the Great American Rail-Trail, two national trails that run coast-to-coast.